Based on Coinbase following MrBeast on Twitter.


Recently, we found out that Coinbase has followed MrBeast on Twitter:
This served as an idea and narrative for us to conceptualize MrBeastOnBase, capitalizing on the possibility of MrBeast's official entrance into the platform, possibly on BASE. Hence, MrBeastOnBase.


In the heart of the crypto world, a whisper floats through the digital ether, igniting excitement and speculation among enthusiasts. It centers around the enigmatic figure of Mr. Beast, a philanthropic force and content creator extraordinaire, whose every move captures the attention of millions. But this time, it's not a grand gesture or charitable endeavor that has tongues wagging—it's the tantalizing possibility of Mr. Beast venturing into the realm of meme coins.

It all begins with a simple click: the official Twitter page of Mr. Beast gains an unexpected follower—Coinbase, the titan of crypto exchanges. Within moments, the crypto community erupts into a frenzy of speculation. Could this be the harbinger of something monumental? Could Mr. Beast be poised to launch his own meme coin, $Beast, on Base chain, the revolutionary layer 2 blockchain developed by Coinbase?
As the rumor gains traction, the excitement mounts. Crypto Twitter becomes a battleground of theories and predictions, with some heralding the potential influx of investment as a watershed moment for meme coins, while others remain cautiously optimistic, wary of the volatile nature of the market.

Amidst the chaos, one thing is certain: if Mr. Beast does indeed unveil $Beast, it will mark a seismic shift in the landscape of cryptocurrency. With his unparalleled reach and devoted following, the influx of capital and attention into the meme coin world would be nothing short of astronomical.

The stage is set, the world watches with bated breath, and in the midst of uncertainty, one truth remains: when Mr. Beast makes a move, the world takes notice.

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